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Sinclair Snippets

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

Welcome to Sassy is a colourful character that has been able to fit a great deal into his life. Unfortunately, he lost his life to End Stage Kidney Failure on the 5th December 2020. To help people understand the person he is, we have put together a few little snippets of his life. These are stories that make Sassy, Sassy. From his time as a child growing up in Eastwood, to his time hiking and caving all around NSW and Australia to his Time travelling the world. Then returning and making friends at 2nd Castle Hill Scouts, the Whittley Club, and the Ulysses Club. However you know him, there is bound to be a story or two... 

PICT0011 (1).JPG


Help us to entertain Sassy ,and those that know him, by sending your story or photos to We will pick the best and add it to the site so that others can laugh at the silly things Sassy has done. We know that everyone has a story about Sassy. 

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