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Catch a falling Star

Hi All,

It has been about 5 weeks since Sassy moved to his new home which he calls 'dunrootin'. Much has happened in those 5 weeks so I wanted to give you an update.

We partnered with the Dr's and Nurses in 'dunrootin' to help him to be comfortable given the pain he has been experiencing. After a bit of work, they were able to make him comfortable. Between the drugs that they put him on, his frail body and his numerous broken bone from past injuries, his ability to walk has been slowly leaving him. During the last week we did have a number of issues where Sassy was found on the floor after trying to walk unassisted. I wont give you all the details, but he had one fall where he hit the back of his head, and then on Sunday Sassy was found on the floor of the bathroom.

He was in an extreme amount of pain and we took the decision to have him moved to hospital to be checked out. After a number of tests, they informed us that Sassy had broken more bones. This time he had broken the lower right rib and managed to fracture his back (L1). He has been asked to remain in bed moving forwards given the extent of his injuries. This is a massive blow for Sassy who has never sat still in his life!

The Dr's have subsequently increased his pain medication and this really means that he is asleep most of the day now. At the moment, we are hoping that he will be moved back to 'dunrootin' at the end of the week.

Based on his condition the family asks that you don't call him or visit him unless you are asked to. We know that you all love Sassy, as do we, but we want him to focus his energy on getting better and proving another Dr wrong...

We are hoping that this will be the last of the broken bones, but Sassy did manage to pass another milestone with this fall... He has broken over 60 bones in his body during his amazing life... That works out at a broken bone every 1 year and 4 months...

We will keep you updated with his health as things change...

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