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Fishing with Sassy.

Written by Steve Francis.

Many who are reading these snippets would be aware of Sas’s great enjoyment of both Hawks Nest and taking his beloved Whittley to try and catch a feed. Carolyn and I also had a home just around the corner from Sas and Wendy’s home and like many others it was Sas and Wendy who opened our eyes to this lovely area just a short way from Sydney. Anyway, one weekend Sas happened to be up there with a bunch of , I think, Ulysses Club Members, trying to catch some fish. At the same  time I was also at Hawks Nest with a few mates attempting the same exercise. As we were leaving the boat ramp which was at the end of the street where our home was located we noticed that somebody had managed to get a fishing lure caught in the tree at a height of about 5 meters. The tree was some 50 meters away from the water, too far to simply be a casting error.  On closer inspection of the lure we noticed that it still had some line attached but it was really tight. Rather than simply cutting the lure free we decided to follow the line to see who the “numpty” was who had managed to put their lure in such an inaccessible place.  Walking quite carefully , just in case the line snapped and we ended up with a lure in the back of our head, we followed the line...

Soon the identity of the  “numpty” became obvious. It appears that Sas had managed to leave his fishing rod on the rocket launcher on top of the boat. The lure was caught in the tree as he left the boat ramp and he managed to drive home and reverse the boat into the rear yard without realising what had happened.

The distance from the tree to the house was about 250 meters. The line was really tight , and would have easily garrotted a low flying pelican had the two intersected. Shortly thereafter, a sheepish looking Sas was spotted reeling in his lure as he returned to the boat ramp on foot....

I just managed to mark another snippet on the wall.


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