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NZ Letters - Letter 2

Motor Camp,


Tuesday 27th January 1959

Dear Mum Dad Margaret & Peter,

It has been very hot to-day around 80-85 deg I’d say, so I am just sitting down in the Kitchen at the Nelson Motor Camp in the North of the South Island, as it is the only place with a light and table.

The best way to do it is start from where I left off last Wednesday. On the Thursday I got up about 8.30 am had breakfast & cleaned up. Then Margaret & I went for a run out through Lower Hutt to the Wainuia-O-Marta (pronounced Y-new-e) I took a photo of the Hutt Valley and Lower Hutt town-ship the day was quite warm but very cloudy no wind as yet. We then went down the other side and saw the new housing settlement in the valley. Came back then went around to Days Bay & Eastbourn that is all one beach on the other side of the harbour to Wellington they treat that like our Manly the beach is all rocks and a dirty black sand. Quite nice gardens and a lot of bush on the other side of the road to the beach as the mountains start right at the edge of the beach just enough room for the road & a little garden. I went for a walk up the hill a little to see the bush—very nice too.

We went back into Wellington where I bought a pair of rubber soled bush walking boots, everybody that does walking over here wear them. They don’t call it walking or hiking, it’s tramping. Went down to the Union Steam Ship Co. to get my ticket to the South Island the boat only goes to Picton (cost 23/6) not too bad for a 4 hrs. trip. I then went up to the Police Station and transferred my N.S.W. licence to a N.Z. one cost 5/- for 12 months but all licences fall valid on the 1st June. While belting around the city I ran into Glen Harrop and her girl friend from Eastwood up on the corner. Margaret Olson was with me and I could not stop and talk for long but they are having a fabulous time and are also going down to Nelson Hop picking soon.

We went home, had tea, and about 7.50 pm Margaret decided she would like to go to the pictures so off we went, got home about 12.30am.

Friday I hitched hiked out to Upper Hutt and delivered that parcell to Mrs. Allen daughter Morine. I was very wild with Mrs. Allen as she promised me there was nothing in the parcell that would get me into trouble; as it was I was taking gifts in to the country without declaring them. She went and put a plant in the parcel which I could had got into strife with the Plant Quarantine—a very dirty trick I thought. Had lunch hitch hiked back to Olsons very hot all day.

Saturday—Oll does not work Saturdays as the shops are open on Friday nights untill 9.30 pm. We set off at 7.30 am in the little Austin A30 (one like Taffies) went out past Upper Hutt, Featherston—Marston—Woodville through the Manawatu Gorge (Man-a-wa-two) down to Parmasteron North and back to Wellington about 250 miles all told. It was a perfect day not a breath of wind and very hot, called into see Oll’s Uncle and Grandmother, had tea at his Grandmother’s place; took quite a few shots that day as the gardens are perfect I have never seen anything like them before. Arrived home at 10.45pm very tired as they are a hard little car to ride in.

Sunday—Got up at 9 am washed a few clothes & packed Margaret’s birthday present had an early lunch and got going again. Went out to Upper Hutt cut over the Tararua Rande through lush bush to Waikanae (Y-kan-e) had a wim there very dirty and no surf at all, the water was quite warm. Called into Margaret’s Mother’s place at Raumatti Beach for tea. Had a sing song with the pianola, got home at 10 o’clock very cold and blowing a fair gale at that time a very good day though.

Out about 8 am repacked my bags and left a few things at the Olsons’ place plus the over-night bag—went for a drive around Wellington and took a ride in the Rail Car. It is just a tram pulled by a steel cable up to the top of the hill which Wellington is built on quite a good view from there had lunch in the Bot. Gardens & caught the inter-Island ship to Picton at 3.15 pm. Marg & Oll saw me off. Picton at 6pm. pitched tent in the camping, went out and had tea.

Tuesday up at 7am caught the 10 o’clock bus to Blenom from there the 1pm bus to Nelson, arrived here a a very nice trip. Saw the Gov. Employment this afternoon about a job at fruit picking or tobacco picking and have to go back tomorrow at l pm and find out about it. Went out to the camping area and pitched tent had to pay 7/6 per night to camp there it is 3 miles out, right by the sea shore very nice but too dear could not do anything else as I would have been too far away for everything. I will finish up now as it is getting late and I am tired I will scribble my address on the bottom of this letter to-morrow when I get it so you can write. No make it care of Motueaka Post Office until you hear again. Hope everything is O.K. at home and everybody is well. All the best for now write again soon.

All my love John XXXXXX

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