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Out of Hospital

Hi All,

We have great news about Sassy. He is out of hospital again and is feeling better than when he went in. Unfortunately however given his physical condition the Drs would not allow him to return home. This is a big disappointment for Sassy as he loved looking at his Harley parked in the dining room. We have been able to secure a room in an aged care facility near by His place in Norwest and he seems very happy with the people the room and the food. I did ask if they would allow us to bring in his Harley, but they are worried the other residents are going to try and ride it.

We are working through understanding the visitation rules for the place and are inviting certain people to come and visit him. Visits are only 30 mins long and the staff are very strict on this. They will come and remove you from the room when your time is up. If you are wanting to visit, then you should Ensure you have documentation of having a flu shot, and you will need to wear a mask at all times. You will not be allowed to enter if you do not have these documents. You will also need to book in and let one of his sons know so that we can manage family seeing him.

Sassy gets very tired and is only able to see one group of two people each day.

Cheers No. 3

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