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Trip to Spain via the Pyrenees

Upon arriving in London, Sassy purchased this bike as his first mode of transport. He didn't have it long as he couldn't load it up with any weight.

Sassy was one of the only boys working at the time, and was leaving to go to work early one morning. Being a mechanical guy, the kick starter on the bike had broken. To start the bike Sassy had to run down the street next to the bike. When he was going fast enough, he'd jump on riding side saddle and let the clutch out… This particular day, the milkman was delivering the milk next door… Like everyone, he knew Sassy's name… he yelled out and said "Morning Sassy…" Sassy turned to wave at him like a gentleman and as he did turned the handle bars and proceeded to fall off the bike. The result was that he broke his arm and the bone was coming out of the inside of his right bicep.

He went to the Medical centre for treatment and every time he would go he saw a different Dr… At first, It was in plaster. Then out of plaster to hang and take the pressure of the bone to allow it to get back in alignment … then it was back into plaster. This happened a couple of times and not being able to work, Sassy said to all the boys… "lets get in the van and go down to Spain. We go as long as the 50 pounds each will last us…" They were gone for about a month. These photos were taken right at the top of the Pyrenees.

Sassy, Taitie, Silly, Billy and the Morris 840.

Sassy and Taitie’s had purchased this van, a Morris 840 - they were made for the postal service and Sassy had one at home, so he knew what they were like. The two in the front were the only ones that could see… .

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